XP-DITE Final Event – 30 May 2017, Schiphol Airport

The XP-DITE final event was held at Schiphol Airport on 30 May 2017. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the future of aviation security, hear the results of the project and the proof-of-concept trials that have been carried out, and to explore with the project team and industry experts how the XP-DITE work could be taken forward.

Over 60 people attended, representing a wide range of different stakeholders from the aviation industry, including government regulators, airport operators and security manufacturers.

Presentations were given by the XP-DITE team covering the highlights and key findings and results from the five-year programme. These included the XP-DITE MO approach, a novel method for defining and calculating system-level security; the checkpoint design and evaluation tools; as well as the airport trials. John Francis from Shannon Airport described the XP-DITE work which has enabled the airport to replace its separate EU and US pre-clearance checkpoints by a single merged checkpoint, eliminating the need for passengers to queue up twice and freeing valuable space within the terminal. A summary of these presentations can be found in the XP-DITE booklet.

Guido Peetermans from IATA gave a well received and thought-provoking keynote speech on Risk-Based Security and how this forms a cornerstone of the future envisioned in the Smart Security programme. The three aims of Smart Security (strengthen security, increase operational efficiency and improving passenger experience) align well with the XP-DITE objectives and core performance areas.

The event closed with a stimulating and animated panel discussion on the steps & activities needed to move towards an outcome-focused, system-level security future. The panel consisted of David Ryder (ACI Europe), Adrian Schwaninger (CASRA, FHNW), Michael Tam (Scarabee), and Mike Kemp (XP-DITE & Iconal Technology).